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Get Science Podcast: Seeing Science With Varied Lenses

In the kickoff series of the Get Science Podcast, we’re focusing on scientific careers of people working in biopharma, and their different paths and opportunities taken as they hunt for potential cures to human disease.

Susanna Tse studied zoology and physiology in her native Hong Kong before earning a Master’s in public health and Ph.D. in Environmental Health/Toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley. Today, as a Senior Director in Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics and Metabolism at Pfizer, Tse is an expert in understanding medicine’s impact on the body. In the latest episode of the Get Science Podcast, Tse shows how her cross-disciplinary training shapes her thinking today: “When I see something, I don't necessarily think about it purely as say, a zoologist or a physiologist or environmental scientist,” says Tse. “I think of it from all these different possible ways and it opens up my way of thinking about a particular problem.”

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