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Get Science Podcast: Sought After Skills in the Transition to Industry

We’ve reached the final installment of this special miniseries of the Get Science Podcast, featuring the exciting work of Pfizer’s postdocs. We recently attended Pfizer’s Annual Postdoc Symposium at our La Jolla, California, research site, where we had a chance to interview a handful of next-generation scientific leaders.


The two postdocs featured in this episode share something in common: They both come to Pfizer with highly sought-after skills and academic training that apply directly to their current research projects.


Prior to joining Pfizer, postdoc Samir Lal did his PhD in omics analysis in breast cancer patients at the University of Queensland Center for Clinical Research in Australia. We’ll hear from Samir and his mentor Zhengyan “George” Kan, who are working on breast cancer genomics out of La Jolla, and will soon publish some high-profile papers on their work.


And rounding out our series, we’ll meet Estel Aparicio Prat, who says her academic training has made her a “perfect fit” for her current research in medicinal sciences at Pfizer’s Cambridge, Massachusetts research site. “It’s my expertise, and what I feel comfortable doing, but I’m also being exposed to how industry works,” she says.


Tune in to hear more.


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